What Not to Store in your Storage Unit

May 28th, 2024

While rules and contracts/leases may vary from self storage facility to facility there are some commonalities on certain items that are not allowed/illegal to be stored in your unit. Check your lease or contact your facility for the specific items prohibited where you store. Perishable Items: Most facilities do not allow perishable item/food storage in units. Food attracts rodents and other pests which may cause damage to your stored items, your neighbors and the facility. If perishable items rot it can lead to terrible odors which no facility or its customers want. Residing in Units: Storage facilities are not built for residential purposes. Living in a storage unit is dangerous and in most states (including Montana) illegal. Even sleeping in a your stored vehicle/RV is a no no.
Combustibles and Corrosives: These items include things like gasoline, propane, kerosene, grease, oil and anything else that can be an accelerant or cause a fire. Chemicals like fertilizer, cleaning solvents, paint thinner/paint, acids etc are also not allowed due to the danger and possible fire and health risks they impose. Drugs: Illegal drugs are obviously not allowed to be stored at any storage facility. If you are a pharmaceutical rep, check with your facility prior to storing any samples, or prescription controlled substances in your unit. Hazardous/Radioactive Materials: No storing any biological waste, asbestos or any other illness causing or damaging substances. Vehicles: Some facilities do not allow vehicle storage inside of your units. Others require proof of current registration and insurance to store a vehicle. Check with your facility prior to storing any vehicles (cars, trucks, atv/motorcycles and boats etc). Happy Storing!